Check out our Gumboots New Zealand!! The gift that gives back.  Gumboots designed by our youth of New Zealand to raise money to support I AM HOPE New Zealand so our youth can have more access to mental health support.
Every set of designer Gumboots comes with a set of Chocolate Goodes and wait for it New Zealand the FULL, yes you heard it right New Zealand the FULL amount of every purchase will be given to support I AM HOPE.
To our youth of New Zealand we have more Gumboots waiting to go!! So if you would love to be apart of this very cool and generous initiative please contact us, we would love to hear from you.
Click the link for I AM HOPE
Photo: Year 7 John McGlashan Collage, supported by Kimberley Fridd
Thank you to Resene & Bata Industries for their kind donations.