5 Top Reasons To Support Small Business New Zealand

5 Top Reasons To Support Small Business New Zealand

Hello Chocolate Queens & Kings,

It takes a lot to be a small business owner. You’re putting yourself out there and taking risks to do something you love. Running your own small business is certainly admirable, and can be very rewarding. At the same time, even with the right online marketing tools, it can be a challenge.

I independently run Notion Fashion & Megan Fairley by myself and have had the hardest knocks along the way, everything from young women screwing up your advertising in front of your face and throwing it into a rubbish bin to other business owners telling people who stock with you to stop stocking with you.  It’s tough out there and I am grateful for these experiences because it has taught me to hustle with a heart, and I personally don’t want to end up like a nasty bitch and hurt other people because I have been hurt. I am stronger than this!! 

On top of running Notion Fashion & Megan Fairley Gifting, I also work a full time job to pay the bills and run a fundraising team on the old Cadburys Carpark (our old home) to raise money for 3 charities I am Hope NZ, Life matters & Ronald McDonald House.  Our fundraising team is called Project Hope & Beyond and we are all ex-Cadburys Dunedin staff who give our free time.   

When people shop small, everyone wins!

But despite all the hard work and strategy that goes into running a small business, it’s important to find time to celebrate yourself.  This is something I have to work harder at this year!!  Sometimes you do feel like a bit of a let down because you are not where you would hope to be so everything doesn’t get celebrated!!! Let’s take a moment to remember some of the most common reasons people choose to shop small!

1. People love supporting people

As a customer, it feels great to know that you are helping real people, even people you may know personally. You are helping to support their families and their dreams by shopping small.

2. The personal experience

People love when you are able to tailor their experience. You have the ability to make each and every customer feel special when they do business with you. Plus, the expertise and passion you exhibit translates to helping customers find exactly what they need. No one knows your business better than you. Also, the relationships you build make you more approachable, as customers aren’t afraid to ask for suggestions or product details.

3. Quality is key

The passion for your business means that you strive for higher quality products. Your customers know to come to you in order to find those unique products and gifts. You also have the ability to price your products and services to stay competitive. This allows customers to find better quality items at better prices over the big box stores.

4. Job creation

Small businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy.  It is that simple, we need to make sure we spread the load and support all of our small businesses in our community.  

5. Community support

As a small business, you typically go to other local businesses to buy materials and services to support your own business. You’re building relationships that help your community prosper. When people shop local, it also means that tax money stays in the community. You’re helping to fund local community improvement projects. If you’re going to pay tax, it might as well go to support local projects that impact your daily life.

So give yourself a pat on the back. These are just some of the things that differentiate your business from those big box stores that make you successful.

Can you help celebrate Megan Fairley?

I have added Megan Fairley to Trustpilot for Business into the mix. Your reviews will be so welcome to help this online Queen from the south to grow!!  


Thank your for your amazing support so GRATEFUL!!!  M xx 

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