Megan Fairley Chocolate Queen & Ex-Cadburys Team Project Hope & Beyond Fundraising Money For Mental Health

Hello Chocolate Queens & Kings, welcome to Megan Fairley.

Megan Fairley is a family business run by a team of ex-Cadburys Dunedin Confectioners, who pride themselves on quality, and delivering only the best. We are proud and passionate about Chocolate, creating good vibes, and giving back to our community with our generous Chocolate Queen heart!  Check out the Chocolate Kings and Queens amazing range of delicious Gift Boxes, and Megan Fairley's charity journey with her former Cadburys Team Mates, raising money for Mental Health in New Zealand. $44,969 has been raised to support Kiwi's mental health and wellbeing, with donations going to I Am Hope, Life Matters, Movember, Ronald McDonald House and the North Island Flood Relief Red Cross Fund.

More details are available on our fundraising efforts in our Chocolate Stories on our home page.

I am about inspiring people to go for their dreams and to never, never feel ashamed about your story, own it.  I am a Chocolate Queen, and I am damn proud.  By creating Megan Fairley I want to showcase my style of self love and indulgence. It's ok ladies to break out and have that piece of chocolate, enjoy life, have balance and more than ever show the world what you are capable of achieving no matter what age, or shape you are. 

If you would love to know more about my incredible story, I speak and I will make no apologies because it is a badass woman who turns up to tell her story, we have had one of the toughest roads coming from the Chocolate Factory with so much stereotyping.  So I speak loud and clear because no one should have to go through what I have gone through.

Enjoy my incredible handpicked luxury gift boxes and exclusive Chocolate Queen clothing.  Chocolate Queen clothing can also be found at www.notionfashion.co.nz as well.

Here's one last line they missed out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! "never ever underestimate a woman from a Chocolate Factory"

Megan Fairley xx Chocolate Queen