6 Myths About Chocolate Busted By Megan Fairley

6 Myths About Chocolate Busted By Megan Fairley

Hello Chocolate Queens & Kings, 

Everyone loves chocolate!  Yes, that is why we are called Chocolate Queens & Kings!! Chocolates, especially New Zealand Chocolate which is sweet and delicious, but there are numerous baseless rumours surrounding chocolate.  Heck, even as a woman who worked for Cadburys Dunedin for 17 years I have faced baseless assumptions regarding the Chocolate Factory in Dunedin.  Let's put the story right, we were not Oompa Loompa’s and we do have skills and intellect even if others in the community don’t know how to open their eyes wide enough to see our people for who they really are.  Sometimes we need to tell it like it is so the real facts and truth can be seen.  So, before you decide to sacrifice your intake of chocolates altogether, here are some common myths about chocolate that this Chocolate Queen is about to bust open.    

Myth 1: Chocolates lack nutritional value

Perhaps the most common myth around chocolates is that they lack any nutritional value, whatsoever.
But the truth is that chocolates are actually a prominent source of antioxidants.
Antioxidants are substances that prevent free radicals and unstable molecules from causing harm to the body.
In fact, a moderate consumption of dark chocolate can actually help maintain blood pressure levels and even elevate heart health.

Myth 2: Chocolates cause tooth decay and cavity

In a study conducted for investigating the growth of plaque as a result of eating chocolates, it was found that common table sugar has greater impact on the development of plaque in teeth, as compared to chocolates.
Moreover, a study by Osaka University in Japan found that cocoa bean, the main ingredient in chocolates, actually thwarts mouth bacteria and fights tooth decay.

Myth 3: Diabetic people should not consume chocolate

Diabetics can freely consume chocolates, as they have a low glycemic index.
Glycemic index is a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods, in terms of how they affect blood glucose levels.
Foods with a low GI value are slowly digested, absorbed, and metabolized, thereby leading to a slower rise in blood glucose and insulin levels.
However, moderation is the key!

Myth 4: Chocolates cause acne

Chocolates do not necessarily lead to acne.
Although diet does play a major role in maintaining your skin health, it is not the only factor responsible for skin issues.
Notably, acne is mainly a result of blocked pores that occur due to excessive oils, dead skin, and bacteria.
So, don't worry, a moderate intake of chocolates will not cause acne.

Myth 5: Chocolates lead to weight gain

Losing weight is a matter of controlling your calorie count.
While excessive intake of processed foods is definitely not going to give you that slim waistline, a moderate consumption of chocolates will not do any harm to your weight-loss goals.
In fact, studies suggest that consuming a small amount of dark chocolate five days a week is linked with lower body mass index (BMI).

Myth 6: You were allowed to eat as much product as you liked off the lines.

Myth under Cadburys yes we could but under Mondelez International eating the product off the production lines was an absolute NO NO. In fact staff members were even reprimanded by the HR team for doing so.  A story during the redundancy year of 2017 at Cadburys Dunedin.  We produced Caramilk for the very first time in over 17 years, no one officially tasted the very first full run of Cadburys Caramilk to the early hours of the morning and to everyones surprise the first batch of the Cadburys Caramilk was in fact burnt!!  It always pays to taste test the product first!!!   

Thanks again and again for your amazing support, so grateful for those for support and care!! 

Megan xx Chocolate Queen 



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