How Cadbury Staff Raised Over $55k for Mental Health

Cadbury Staff Megan Fairley and Peter Campbell Raise Over $55k For Mental Health

Our incredible former Cadburys Queens and King have now raised a whopping $55,647 for mental health and wellbeing in New Zealand. We are so thankful for all the amazing support from those who shared our Facebook page or our Givealittle page.

They have stood for over 3 years on the old Cadburys car park to fundraise while our build came to the ground in the background, even in the face of criticism and bullying. Megan Fairley, Chocolate Queen, formed Project Hope & Beyond with the dream of raising awareness to the damage of redundancy and the struggles of depression and bullying. After pushing herself so hard against the bullying, she wanted to give back but was left financially depleted. This motivated her to form the Chocolate Army from the rubble of Cadburys Dunedin.

We are so grateful for anyone in this world who takes the time to share our links. Thank you for caring about the work that we have done.

We are so grateful to our amazing Carpark Community for always being there for us and keeping us warm with hot chocolate. You have given us so much support, especially when we've felt exhausted from helping others and advocating for our team. 

We hope that New Zealanders will start to show more support for those in our country who are struggling and stop judging people for their mental health issues.

I AM HOPE Givealittle Page

LifeMatters Givealittle Page

Project Hope & Beyond.

Thanks M xx Chocolate Queen 

Photo: Megan Fairley & Peter Campbell 


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