Top Selling Gift Boxes From Megan Fairley

Top Selling Gift Boxes From Megan Fairley

Yay!! Here’s our top sellers on our Gift Boxing site You don’t have to stop at just Xmas with these beauties, line them up for Birthdays, Celebrations, Special Thank you’s or simply just ‘I Love you’s”.  Our top selling Gift Boxes at Megan Fairley are…

Mystery Gift Box

A funky and fun Gift Box packed full of delish Chocolate.  And when I mean packed they are packed to the top because I want to give you value for money, this is so important.  The Mystery Gift Box is packed full of a mixture of block chocolate, and different filled unit chocolates.  The Mystery Gift Box is fun and is so loved, check out the incredible reviews that have been added to this Gift Box from our amazing supportive customers.  Plus don’t forget our Free shipping on all Megan Fairley products, because who wants extra surprises at the checkout New Zealand. 

Mystery Candy Gift Box

The Mystery Candy Gift Box is so loved, the sister of the Mystery Gift Box. The Mystery Candy Gift Box is again packed full of super sweet candy.  Who doesn’t love candy?  This is a super fun gift box, full of so much sweetness. Plus don’t forget our Free Shipping on all Megan Fairley products. 

Luxury Collagen Gift Box

Dose & Co. New Zealand’s and the world's most popular collagen.  Collagen is so important to help repair skin, nails and hair, so enjoy Dose & Co. Vanilla Collagen endorsed by Khloe Kardashian in a beautiful luxury gift box with the balance to some delicious chocolate.  Because life is about balance.  I have two gift boxes with the incredible Dose & Co. at Megan Fairley.  Choose between the single Luxury Collagen Gift Box with the one shot of Dose & Co. Vanilla Collagen or go for the Double Dose containing two tubs of the delish Vanilla Collagen.  Remember Free shipping on all Megan Fairley Products.  

New Zealand Made Chocolate Gift Box

This Gift Box is incredible, it contains a mixture of five products from New Zealand's growing Chocolate industry.  These are New Zealand Chocolate companies sitting underneath the big guys of the New Zealand Chocolate industry.  This is one of New Zealand's top viewed Gift Boxes.  It’s a good feeling to support so many New Zealand Chocolate companies.  

Thank you for supporting our amazing gift boxes and this Chocolate Queen from the old Cadbury's factory in Dunedin. I can’t wait to add my very special mix to the New Zealand Chocolate world.  Thank you so much to the supporters who have lined up to taste test my chocolate samples, supported me on social media and most importantly purchased to keep this New Zealand business going.  Thank you, so incredibly grateful for your amazing support.  Remember if the dream doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough, so dream big Chocolate Queens and Kings and never let anyone who is jealous of you stop you from reaching your full potential.    

M xx 

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