Ambassador Program

Grace Frater on Megan Fairley Chocolate Queen Instagram and Facebook

If you would like to be part of our MEGAN FAIRLEY ambassador program please complete the below form for our team to review!

As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to create content for a 100% inclusive community while being the first to try our quality and innovative product.

At MEGAN FAIRLEY we’re always working to innovate and gorgeous gifting for the modern woman. It’s how we started, and we’re not stopping any time soon.

We've innovated from day one, offering quality gifting that's not consumed by greed and 100% value for money. We’re committed to challenging New Zealand business norms to bring you a culture that 100% inclusive, always.  We believe that everyone matters and everyone should deserve to feel like they belong.  

MEGAN FAIRLEY is on a mission to recreate a luxury chocolate brand that delivers deliciousness with the combination of playfulness. This ex-Cadburys woman is bring back the joy! 

Are you in? 

Please email us at to receive a link to our google forms and complete your profile details.  All information provided is keep fully confidential and is only review by Megan Fairley.  Please allow about one month for our team to work through the application listings. Thank you!!! M xx