The Best Nourishing Beauty Body Scrub Made From Chocolate

The Best Nourishing Beauty Body Scrub Made From Chocolate

Hello Chocolate Queens & Kings,

“ Where do we put those people from Cadburys with no skills and intellect “ 

I worked for 17 years at Cadburys before our factory closure and starting my first business and I will never ever forget having this spoken to myself whilst out cold calling and drumming up support for Notion Fashion.  All I could think of at the time was I am one of those people, I remember staying the most polite and professional person that I am and I also remember those people never bothering to support my first business Notion.  This Chocolate Queen was also battling depression at the time, ah not a good thing to say to some one with depression who has the guts to try and drum up support for her business by cold calling. 

I am Megan & this Chocolate Queen, owner of Notion & Megan Fairley has a big dream to push her Chocolate Queen vibes to the top of New Zealand and along the way I want to make myself so proud.  My goal is to create more of my own Chocolate products to wow you with!!  And I am never finished with being creative in New Zealand!!  This is who this Chocolate Queen is and my mind runs crazy all the time with creative stuff.  So let me tell you about my amazing Chocolate Queen Beauty Body Scrub.         

The Chocolate Queen Beauty Body Scrub 

Sustainable - made from the left over Cacao Nibs from the Craft Chocolate industry in New Zealand and the Cacao Nibs are sourced from a New Zealand Chocolate company.

No matter what packaging I am putting this divine scrub into I am going to make the effort to make it more sustainable, why because I think it is simply lazy not to try harder.  There is a refill option on the site where customers can choose a top up option on their orders.  Where the customer will be sent out an extra courier ticket and the plastic tubs can be sent back to be refilled.  This option can be either added on at the checkout or brought later.  The sustainable option of the refill tub will run in place until a more sustainable option is researched.   

Vegan & Cruel Free - crafted together from Cacao Nibs, Brown Sugar & FlaxSeed Oil - I have taken the line of Flaxseed oil because it is a much healthier oil when it comes to repairing the skin. Healing properties are much better than coconut oil and leaves the skin feeling so incredibly nourished.  

Showcasing My Chocolate Queen Scrub - We, me and wonderful you are going to show the world how this super cool Chocolate Queen Scrub is to be used!! Thank you so much to the amazing people who review and support this incredible nourishing Beauty Body Scrub, thank you to the wonderful pictures shared across @meganfairley_chocolatequeen 

“What would be more indulgent than rubbing Chocolate all over your body, and oh my gosh the yummy smell of Chocolate!! I love the Chocolate Queen scrub it leaves my skin feeling buttery, so smooth and completely nourished and the smell of Chocolate when rubbing it all over my body is so delicious” - Megan Fairley

So grateful for all your amazing support!! Thank you!!! 

Megan Fairley xx

Chocolate Queen 


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